5 Secrets to attract new customers

5 Secrets to attract new customers

by Fadwa CHAOUCH

5 Secrets to attract new customers is a set of tips on how to get more customers. Customers are the reason your business exists and succeeds. You will definitely want to get some more. Here are a few secrets how to attract new customers.

S1. Make yourself known to your target

Once your target is set, try to achieve it by communicating about the company and its offer. Advertising insert in the press, distribution of flyers, sending e-mailing … It’s up to you to define the ideal means of communication to reach your target.

S2. Expand your network

Looking for new customers? It may be time to step out of your entrepreneur’s lair and meet new people who might introduce you to future clients. Where to go to contact fishing? In business clubs, at local events or related to your sector of activity …

S3. Your networks

You have scrupulously followed the previous advice, well done! But all the work remains to be done! Because it is not enough to give a business card to win a new customer … So be proactive, quickly contact and offer your services or contacts: the best recipe to reap the help of your network.

S4. Communicate on social networks

Everyone says, today brands must be on social networks. Certainly, but still need to know how to use! Create a Facebook page yes, if you want it regularly with information that may interest customers for example.

Social Media and Tripadvisors are new names for the game and simply having a presence is not enough. Regularly update your posts and high quality images of your products to be seen and discovered. Post and they will come !

S5. Imagine

Any ideas that win you an image and that remind you of your targets are good to take. Organization of practical workshops, staggered marketing operations … Brainstorm with your employees and let come all the proposals, even the most improbable.

For this to be good, you must retain customers, it is accepted that customer loyalty costs the third to new customer: Non-loyal customers are still going and you want to look new, so retain your customers.

Thank you for reading and stay close for more blog posts!


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