5 Tips on How to Become a Wanted Hospitality Employer

5 Tips on How to Become a Wanted Hospitality Employer

Hospitality is a volatile industry where fewer people want to work. However, an industry where people are the most important asset. Here are a few tips on how to become a wanted Hospitality Employer.

Tip 1. Share the Vision 

The employer brand of a company is based on the vision of its founders. It is she who will set the tone and especially the meaning of everyone’s work in the structure. Once the vision is defined, you can determine the means to implement to achieve it, such as the culture of the company, its values ​​and missions, and also to share it with your employees. Remember a non-shared vision is a “useless” vision!

Tip 2. The brand, symbol of rallying

What a beautiful way to define the brand, whether commercial or employer! Indeed, the brand has a primary role to play. No matter whether you are a start-up, an SME or a large group, the brand provides the framework and especially shares the vision of the company. It allows your employees to feel a sense of belonging. It brings them together around a specific goal.

A service culture is all about a repeated set of behaviours you would find at each location, for each interaction with a guest: a promise of a quality of life that only dedicated staff can deliver, without any script.

Tip.3 Maintain the Passion of the team

An effective employer brand relies on the employees of the company. The more they are invested and passionate about their job, the more they will be engaged and recommend the company. Therefore, caring for the collaborating experience is essential. Note that a bad image shared by your employees will dissuade your potential candidates from applying. In fact, according to a study by Randstad, a company with a bad reputation will receive half as many CVs as a company with a good employer image.

Tip. 4 Give benchmarks

The employer brand, in addition to be a symbol of rallying, defines you’re playing field. In other words, it determines the framework in which your employees will evolve. Take the example of a board game. If the goal of my game is to put as many buildings as possible on the board and I do not have more indications, I will put them anytime and anyhow. On the other hand, if rules specify me when is my turn and how I can place my buildings, I will be much more in phase with the game. The notion of landmarks is in close connection with the notions of rallying and vision mentioned above.

Tip. 5 Adapt and anticipate

A brand lives, evolves. The same goes for the employer brand. What you were doing 10 years ago is not necessarily true today. That is why we must follow its employer brand and update it regularly to adapt to the job market and anticipate changes in behaviour. For example, we find that companies that have missed the check mark of the change in recruitment paradigm “we no longer select, we seduce” today face great difficulties in attracting, recruiting and retaining talent.

In short, to work on its SME employer brand, it is important to define its vision, give benchmarks, be attentive to the job market to adapt and anticipate, create a rallying symbol and value the passion of your teams.

Thank you for reading and please have a look to our blog for more tips regarding the hospitality industry.

By Fadwa Chaouch


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