A clean toilet = a clean restaurant?

washroom cleaning

A clean toilet = a clean restaurant?

Washroom cleaning is a must! We have all been to places where there the cleanliness of the washrooms changed our overall impression…If customers think there may be a hygiene issue in the front of the house, they may assume there are other issues in the…kitchen.

Therefore, it is about time to consider WCs as communication tools!

We honestly believe that washroom cleaning is a way to add value and bring success and notoriety to your food business.

According to a consumer study from France, during the dining experience, the hygiene is more important than the quality or the quantity of food!

Convinced? Allow us to support you in your efforts to have an impressively clean washroom.

Air Freshening

The fragrance is connected to emotions and it is probably the first thing we remark. Therefore, the odour control is one of the essential things to consider when it comes to washroom cleaning.

There are plenty of options available. One is a wall mounted dispenser. Metered aerosol fragrances provide effective instant fragrances that are strong and long-lasting.

A lightly fragranced air freshener and odour neutraliser, our GAMA Air Freshener 5l can be diluted into a trigger spray bottle. It neutralises bad odours rather than masking them. It makes up to 67 trigger bottles.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The second element you will remark are the mirrors, especially if you are a lady… In the restaurants, we all look in the mirror as we want to come back to the table looking our best. So, if you are a restaurant manager make sure your mirrors are perfectly clean.

We suggest using a clean, dry, lint-free glass cloth or a multifibre cloth and a good quality glass cleaner for a great, long-lasting effect.

Hand Cleaning

The most basic and important tool to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of infection is washing our hands. Hand washing is essential before eating and after using the toilet.

Necessary is the word, but it could also be an amazing experience, when we talk about customers and impression. In the UK, over 40% are concerned about food hygiene when eating out.

Enhance your washroom areas with dispensers that add to design and functionality are durable and in the same time efficient and more hygienic.

Refill dispensers with luxury foam soaps or antibacterial soaps that kill germs and provide a high level of hand hygiene. Another element of washroom cleaning is thus added to the check list.

Toilets and urinals

We tend to judge the quality of an establishment by the cleanliness of its toilets and urinals so it’s of utmost importance for these to be spotless and fresh.

For toilets, we suggest using a toilet cleaner and also an acid limescale remover that can be used in hard water areas.

All urinals need urinal blocks because they act continuously and not only clean but also, they release a pleasant fragrance. Place our ready to use urinal blocks in each urinal and replace regularly.

Urinal screens are another excellent solution for toilets. They give up to 30 days of odour control.

A toilet cleaner spray adds to the essentials for the daily maintaining and disinfection of toilets and an extremely important element of washroom cleaning.

Walls and floors

The first things you see when entering a washroom are the walls and the floors. We suggest using professional products for cleaning and disinfecting these. Cutting through the dirt and leaving a fresh fragrance, these products are effective against MRSA and are EN1276 accredited.

Dispense into a bucket and wash walls with a sponge or a cloth. For floors use a mop.

Our Lemon Disinfectant is a concentrated general disinfectant with a lemon fragrance, that when diluted into a bucket via a pelican pump, is ideal for walls and floors in large areas.

We are now sure that washroom cleaning will be on the top priorities for your food and drink business.

Thank you for reading!


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