A sparkling clean washroom means a clean restaurant

washroom cleaning

A sparkling clean washroom means a clean restaurant

Sparkling clean washrooms are essential for a customer’s impression and for safety and hygiene. They are excellent communication tools and.

This blog post offers few suggestions on how to keep your WCs clean and fresh smelling.

How important is it?

We would say EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as we strongly believe, and are supported by scientific reports to say so, that having clean and aesthetically nice washrooms is sure way to add success and notoriety to your business.

During the dining experience the hygiene is an essential element, according to a consumer study from France , even more important than the quantity or quality of food!

Convinced? Then, allow us to suggest few things that would help you get a better impression!

Sparkling Clean Mirrors

“ Mirror, mirror on the wall…” In the restaurants, we will all look in the mirror as we want to leave a good impression. So, if you are a restaurant manager, make sure that all mirrors are sparkling shining!

We suggest to use a clean, dry, lint-free cloth or disposable centrefeed roll and a special glass cleaner!


Toilets and urinals

We suggest using a ready to use, especially designed lime scale remover and cleaner. All urinals need urinal blocks to permanently clean and perfume.

 We also recommend using a bathroom cleaner spray, that is ready to use and will clean and disinfect surfaces. It is a very fast and effective solution for during the evening washroom cleaning.


Hand cleaning


Hand cleaning is a necessary experience, but it doesn’t have to be dull! You can create a perfect experience for your customers!

Our commercially sized soaps and shower gels meet the needs of high traffic washrooms and bathrooms. They have fresh beautiful perfume and leave a soft and moisture effect.

 The ready to use, trigger spray air freshener will leave your washroom with a long lasting, pleasant fragrance.

Walls and Floors

The first things you see when entering a washroom are the walls and the floors.  We suggest using professional products for cleaning and disinfecting these .

The Lemon Gel is a concentrated general disinfectants with pleasant fragrances.  They can be diluted and used with a mop as a great solution in large washroom areas.


Air Care

Air care is essential in washrooms so make sure you have a dispenser to spray permanently and refresh the air.


We are convinced that your restaurant’s washrooms will be exceptionally clean!



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