Frame your food correctly!

Frame your food correctly

Frame your food correctly!

Frame your food correctly and you will add to the perceived value. The common-sense rule is to use superior plates, knives, cutlery and napkins to serve posh foods. Basic, affordable food require basic plates- so the lower you sell the food, the more you can save on the crocks and cutlery. 

However, we advise you to give a lot of consideration to the platform your food arrives on the table. Even the common fish and chips could look glorious as be perceived as extraordinary if you serve them on a spectacular plate. 

When you serve food on a beautiful plate it means you can charge a bit more, but it doesn’t work the other way around!

Never, ever use chipped or cracked crockery, people come to restaurants to have a pleasant experience and feeling badly served will never help.

When choosing plates, you need to also consider the practical side of it. Big plates may be great for a rich presentation, but very difficult to be carried safely by waiters and waitresses.

When we talk about drinks, the framing gets even more philosophical. The more expensive the wine, the more beautiful the glass should be. Getting your glassware right is a must for meeting customer expectations. Crystal glasses may be perfect, but they easily break and may raise your costs, so we suggest you use them only for very expensive drinks.

Cutlery and how you choose it, it is another detail that truly matters. The quality and style of your cutlery must reflect the style of your place and of the food and must be appropriate for every course and dish. 

Napkins – either linen or paper, they also need to be the right ones. Napkins are different depending on the time of the day: dinner or lunch napkins and there are also the cocktail napkins for serving drinks. Their colour should match the theme of the restaurant.

Do not forget to consider the cost of napkins into a dish cost as it is an important component!

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