How to choose the right paper napkins

how to choose paper napkins

How to choose the right paper napkins

coloured dinner napkins


This article aims to show you how to choose paper napkins easily and more effective.

Napkins are essential for any restaurant, pub or cafe. They reflect the personality of your business and the character of the occasion.

1. Few things to ask yourself before starting

It is very important to answer the following questions before starting.

  1. Is your place rather formal or informal ?
  2. When during the day you want to use the napkins (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?
  3. Where will the napkins be used ? On the tables, on the bar, to take away ?
  4. Will you use napkins as a must-have or more likely as a decoration as well?
  5. Which are the major colours of your theme and brand?

Once you have answered these question, let’s get to other elements to help you select them.

2. Size and occasion

Cocktail Napkins

Black Cocktail Napkins 2 Ply 2
Black Cocktail Napkins 2 Ply 2

The smallest napkins are the cocktail napkins They are between 20 and 25 cm, generally 2 ply.

These napkins will usually be found in a bar caddy.

The cocktail napkins are ideal for serving with drinks at the bar, these napkins are equally suited to cocktail parties and BBQs at home.

They are useful catering disposables as they can help to prevent a sticky bar when served with drinks and are also ideal to serve with any light snacks or with take away drinks.

Lunch Napkins

As their name is indicating these napkins are used mainly for lunch or during the day. They are 1, 2 or 3 ply, they come in different colours. Their size varies from 30 to 33 cm.

They also make the perfect choice for cafes, hotels, take-away businesses.

Lunch Napkins are also a must -have for pubs, tearooms, snack bars or events!


Dinner Napkins

These are the elegant and classic napkins! Large enough for a good presentation they are most commonly used in restaurants and hotels.

They have a generous 40 cm size and they are 2 or 3 ply.

We strongly advice you to choose a colour that matches your interior.

3. 1 Ply, 2 Ply or 3 Ply ?

The answer is it depends how important is quality for your location and its table presentation and who are your customers.

We would suggest  3 ply for dinner napkins so that your customers enjoy the soft touch and great utility.

If you want affordable quality napkins 1ply and 2ply can do the job.


4. How Many Napkins do I need to buy?

Your guest count per week will be a good indicator of the number of napkins you’ll needs per week.

Your guest count per week will fluctuate based on the time of year so a take the average guest count and add 5% so you don’t need to call for special deliveries and pay additional fees for those.

We advice you to have a look at the reservations as well.


5. What colour of napkins should I use?

It depends on the style and general colours of your interiors. I would use the principles of harmony and common sense. But this choice is entirely up to you.

There moments, like Christmas when you would like to change to red or green.


We hope that now you know more about how to choose paper napkins.

Thank you for reading and for more about napkins, you may like to have a look at the brochure of our supplies Poppies Europe.


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