How to improve menu

how to improve menu

How to improve menu

7 Tips on Menu Change

How to improve menu is an essential question for the success or failure of a restaurant. We aim to help you by giving you a complete checklist of things to consider.

T1. You should ask yourself what you want your restaurant to be known for. This is also an opportunity to tell your story, a great way to start your presentation show your passion for food, beverage, and hospitality. 

T2. Suggest a good number of meals : 7 starters, 10 meals and 7 desserts also having fewer choices 3 or 4 would reassure your customers on the freshness and character “homemade” of the dishes that you are making.

T3. Place your foods strategically on the menu your customers “read in Z”: this means that their eyes will stop first on the upper left corner of your menu. It will be necessary to insist on this part of your map.

T4. Be careful on the description of your dishes on your card a rich description would give a better apriority to your customers and could increase sales of a dish by more than 25%. A nice slate and nice names will produce the same effect. Also think about the oral presentation that accompanies the reading of the card: the key is to communicate well on what you propose!

T5 Suggest a unique children’s menu. Did you know that a “kid-friendly” restaurant could attract up to 25% more customers? To show parents that your restaurant pays special attention to their health. 

T6. Dessert is the unsuspected strength of the menu. Introduce it to the customer at the beginning of the ordering process, not at the end of the meal! Indeed, after having tasted his dish, the client often declines the proposal because he is no longer hungry and makes a reasoned choice. To evoke the dessert in advance, in suggestion, will make him really consider your offer!

As we have pointed out, dessert is a gourmet choice … The goal is, therefore to encourage impulse buying! Keep your “classics”, but also offer “light” desserts that will make your customers feel guilty: these are very popular (hence the success of gourmet coffees). On the other hand, think about “original” desserts, which will arouse the curiosity of your customers.

T7. This is a basic principle: present the dishes in ascending order of price on their card. And then, positioning the lowest-cost foods first on your menu would give customers a lower price perception. Also keep in mind that this one tends to choose the “middle” prices.

You may also take your menu outside on a board.

We hope you now know more about how to improve menu. Thank you for reading and stay close for more articles .

by Asima SHARRIF


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