Front of House & Bar

Front of House & Bar include products for a spotless front of house environment that is essential for the right first impression.  To help you achieve the expected and required level of cleanliness and hygiene, we supply a professional range of products that are manufactured to meet the needs of your business.

We aim to guide you through the process of using chemicals and offer simple solutions for your daily and periodic needs for effective cleaning.

Walls and Floors Cleaning and Degreasing 

We offer power alkali products for cleaning greasy floors and walls that are dangerous from the health and safety perspective. Our powerful Heavy Duty Degreaser will quickly work on walls and floors rapidly removing dirt and grease.

Tables & Counters Sanitising 

Normally only food preparation areas need to be sanitised, but we also recommend our sanitisers, that contain a light cleaning agent, for frequent cleaning of tables and front of the house equipment and fittings.  Our Sanitising Detergent is EN1276 accredited.  You could use it with an empty green bottle.

Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaning and Polishing 

By using our Glass Cleaner you can have all glass and stainless steel surfaces in front of the house area made to gleam.

Furniture Polishing 

For wooden surfaces, we offer a fast and affordable solution – the Furniture Polish  Spray, that is ready to use and offers excellent results .