Kitchen Hard Surfaces

Our KITCHEN HARD SURFACES category includes all the essential products for a deep cleaning.

The cleaning of hard surfaces should be done in two phases. Initially work surfaces and equipment should be given a clean with a multi-purpose cleaner.

Afterwards, the surfaces will be sanitised. This second phase conform to EN1276 for bacterial kill activity and EN1650 for fungicidal kill. Our sanitising detergents also kill a range of micro organisms including MRSA, EColi and Listeria.  Spray the sanitiser onto the surfaces to be cleaned and agitate tough deposits then rinse with fresh water and leave air dry.

Greasy floors and walls are dangerous and attract more dirt. They need to be cleaned with a powerful heavy duty degreaser

High temperature leaves black carbonised deposits that are difficult to remove with classic detergents. That is why we recommend a powerful oven cleaner.