Food Storage and Labels

Food storage is essential from both hygiene and efficiency points of view. A good system for food storage will save you lots of money, both by preserving the freshness of your ingredients as well as by saving space. You will also significantly reduce waste of meat, fruits and vegetables or spices. Choosing the right food storage items is very important. The selection of food storage includes kitchen storage jars and airtight, stackable plastic food containers which are essential for effective stock rotation. For dry ingredients such as grains, flour and sugar, food bins and bulk food storage containers will ensure these stay protected from air and moisture.

Food labels provide essential information about your food, displayed on stickers for both staff and customers. Our labels that allow businesses conform to current legislation and provide accurate information to avoid the risks of allergies and food-borne illness by using a simple sticker. Day of the week and allergen labels are available as disposable and permanent labels to provide clear information which protects both you and your customers.