VEDRENNE is a world famous producer of premium syrups and liquers since 1923. Their products are rewarded with the highest number of distinctions worldwide .

Vedrenne syrups offer intense fresh flavours, obtained from special concentrations of fruit juices and natural ingredients. They are 100% pure natural sugar. They enhance the arromas of natural fruits, flowers and plants at their best.

Vedrenne syrups are very tasty, natural, versatile and easy to use. The bottles are supplied with pumps so that you do not have to add the costs of pumps.

They are blended by professional barista and bartenders in the best cafes, bars, restaurants and coffee shops in more than 55 countries.

VEDRENNE syrups add a unique touch to cocktails both in colour and flavour.

VEDRENNE fruit syrups are top quality products for refreshing drinks such as lemonade, soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, smoothies and milk shakes. They can also be used in preparing outstanding desserts.

They are sublime with coffees.