56.00.210 Rational Red Cleaner Tablets (100)


56.00.210 Rational Red Cleaner Tablets are detergent/cleaning tablets for Rational or Lincat SCC ovens. Complex active ingredients guarantee maximum cleaning power. These tablets are required for all Rational self-cleaning ovens


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56.00.210 Rational Red Cleaner Tablets (100) are developed by Rational, Germany with a new intensive complex of active ingredients for the best cleaning power every time. They will offer you hassle-free cleaning of the ovens. They are highly concentrated thus making them a money saver.

Key Benefits

  • Use with all Combi masters
  • Care products are individually tailored to provide optimum care for units and meet the highest quality standards
  • Pack of 100
  • Protect your Combi Oven
  • Guaranteed Perfect Clean
  • Detergent tablets go up to 70 % further than liquid cleaner
  • For use in all models of Rational and Lincat combi ovens.
  • Placed in the cooking chamber before the clean cycle at the end of service.

Compatible with the following steamers: Lincat :OSCCXS, OSCC61, OSCC101, OSCC62, OSCC102, OSCC201, OSCC202, OSCC61G, OSCC101G, OSCC62G, OSCC102G, OSCC201G, OSCC202, OCMPCXS, OCMPC61, OCMPC101, OCMPC62, OCMPC102, OCMPC61G, OCMPC101G, OCMC62G, OCMPC102G, OCMPC201G, OCMPC202G and Rational:SCCXS, SCC61, SCC101, SCC62, SCC102, SCC201, SCC202, SCC61G, SCC101G, SCC62G, SCC102G, SCC201G, SCC202, CMPCXS, CMPC61, CMPC101, CMPC62, CMPC102, CMPC61G, CMPC101G, CMC62G, CMPC102G, CMPC201G, CMPC202G.

We offer highly efficient concentrated chemicals.

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