6oz Chinese Ladle


6oz Chinese Ladle have The long handle which keeps hands away from hot surfaces at all times to ensure your safety. The handle is also hooked to allow for convenient storage and easy access during busy services.

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6oz Chinese Ladle Designed for optimal efficiency, the ladle helps you serve portions of soups and broths with precision, preventing wastage to reduce costs in your kitchen. Crafted from stainless steel, the ladle is also immensely strong and sturdy, allowing it to withstand the demands of any busy commercial kitchen.

Product features

  • Wooden handle is incredibly comfortable and stable in the hand, helping you serve soups, broths and stews with expert precision
  • The handle also stops heat from travelling up the ladle to your hand
  • This Ladle has a deep, round bowl that is perfect for soups, noodles and cooking fried rice
  • The ladle is different to normal ladles as its bowl is at the correct angle to aid oriental cooking
  • Ideal for broths and soups and stews, this will make a great addition to any professional or domestic kitchen
  • Durable, professional tool

Size : Total Length : 41.5cm(Ladle part 9.5cm x 11cm)

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