Bathroom Cleaner Spray 1l


Sechelles Bathroom Cleaner 1l – bright shine, brilliant lime scale removal and germs killer! This product removes limescale and watermarks without being harsh. It prevents limescale return. Leaves shine and fresh lemon fragrance in your bathroom! It is a ready and easy to use product that will save both time and money!

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With a great formula that powers through grime, lime, germs and bacteria, the Sechelles Bathroom Cleaner is an essential product for commercial washrooms. It will ensure that bathrooms, washroom and toilets are kept not only germ free, but odour and stain free too, helping you to maintain a clean and hygienic establishment. This 1l ready-to-use cleaning solution is easy and ready to use for both professional environments or at home
Product features
Capacity 1l
Weight 1.2 kg
Specially formulated to clean and maintain a fresh minty fragrance in the washroom
Ideal for commercial washrooms or at home
Ready to use


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