Biodegradable Flexi Straws 5.5”, 6mm – pack of 250


These biodegradable straws have been made from REPA, a new environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic, food safe and 100% bio-degradable, making them ideal for bars, restaurants, pubs and catering establishments that want to comply with new UK legislation.


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The cellulose additive contained by these straws will break them down completely after disposal. They are suitable of both cold and hot drinks.

These biodegradable straws have the same consistency, feel, look and function when added into a drink as a traditional bendy straw, yet the REPA material is fully biodegradable making a great cost-effective alternative that helps address the issue of plastics that are posing a problem for wildlife and our environment.

Product features

  • Biodegradable
  • Flexible
  • Strong
  • Suitable for any cold beverage
  • Encourages children to drink more fluids
  • Essential items for cafes, bars and restaurants

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