Compostable CPLA Forks White (1000)


Compostable CPLA Forks White (100) are made from plants and they can turn back to soil in only 12 weeks after use.

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Compostable CPLA Forks White (100) are made from PSM (PLA Starch Material), which is an unrefined form of PLA bioplastics. They can withstand high temperatures, thus being great for both cold or hot foods. Sourced from renewable resources and 100% biodegradable, they contain no GM traces. 

Product features

  • Dimensions 26(W) x 152(L)mm
  • Material CPLA
  • Colour White
  • CPLA is a stronger and more heat resistant form of PLA (plant-based substitute to traditional plastic)
  • Will compost in under 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility
  • Certified compostable under EN 13432 standards
  • Environmentally-friendly substitutes to standard plastic cutlery
  • Made with renewable and eco-friendly plant-based materials
  • Has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional plastic alternatives
  • Sleek white colour
  • Incredibly strong and sturdy
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 90°C

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