Appliance De-scaler 1l


Sechelles Appliance De-scaler prevents and effectively removes limescale deposits for coffee machines, kettles and other household appliances.

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Sechelle appliance de-scaler 1l is ideal for keeping coffee machines, kettles, steam irons and catering equipment clean and shining. This de-scaler can also be used on various types of cookers, boilers and cooking utensils to remove stubborn calcium carbonate deposits. The hard-to-remove chalky deposits resulting from ‘hard water’ can stop hot water appliances from working efficiently. The buildup of limescale on brass, copper, tin, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal surfaces can be averted with this descaling solution. When used regularly, a clean machine will save on energy costs and the descaler can also extend the life of your equipment.

Product features

  • De-scaler to remove and prevent limescale deposits
  • Safe on Stainless Steel
  • Rapid Results
  • pH undiluted 3
  • Volume: 1l

How to use

Disconnect appliance from power before cleaning. It is not recommended for old or scale damaged appliances. Refer to the label of appliance manufacturer instructions.

Apply neat product with a sponge and remove after a short period in order to clean the watermarks from surfaces. Appliances should be cold during this period.

You can find Safety Data Sheet and Product Description here :


De-scaler Description

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