GAMA Pelican Pump Dispenser


GAMA Pelican Pump Dispenser fits Pump 2/3/5l Dispenser Bottles. It ensures precise application and helps you reduce costs.

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GAMA Pelican Pump Dispenser is a great cost saving solution. It is quickly fitted to all 5l bottles to offer quick, accurate delivery of cleaning chemicals. The pump is manufactured with the purpose to reduce waste, save time and rescue money. Each pump doses 30ml at a time, which offers more control and saves measuring dosage manually, making the pump an essential purchase for commercial use in restaurants.

Product features
Capacity 30ml
Dimensions 45(W) x 130(D)mm
Material Plastic
Quickly fitting
Easy to use pump action
Durable plastic
For use with 5l GAMA bottles
Reduces waste
Enables quick and easy measuring for custom dilution


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