HydroPump Manual Chemical Dispensing Solution


HydroPump contributes to the protection of the environment as when diluting the concentrated chemicals at the point of use, we reduce packaging waste, storing space and plastic consume.


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HydroPump is a manual push-dispensing solution ideal for a wide range of environments. It is used to dispense the exact amount of chemicals needed into sinks, buckets, spray bottles or other cleaning receptacles.

The pump is simple, durable and user-friendly. Your staff will precisely control chemicals yielded.

Concentrated cleaning products are diluted through this wall-mounted HydroPump for ultimate control and measurable cost in use.

Features and benefits

  • User-Friendly
  • Chemical resistant
  • Field-adjustable to deliver 15, 22 or 30 ml per push
  • Quick recovery to maintain accuracy during multiple doses
  • Work perfectly with both thick and thin chemicals
  • The product can be stored up to one foot above the pump for use in confined spaces
  • Fitted on the wall and independent from water connections
  • Compact and simple chemical dispensing solution

The Data Sheet can be found here.


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