Ivory Pearlised Hand Soap 500 ml


Swan Ivory Pearlised Perfumed Hand Soap is mild to skin (PH Neutral), gentle and has an excellent perfume. It is high foaming and has a built-in moisture solution and it is perfect for both personal and commercial use.

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Ivory Pearlised Hand Soap 500 ml is ideal for daily use and offers an excellent value for money. This soap will help to maintain a hygienic environment in any café, bar, restaurant, bathroom and washroom as well as to please your customers with a high quality product.

Product features 

  • Highly effective on fighting germs
  • Includes moisturising solution
  • Suitable for use within your hand hygiene regime
  • Gentle formulation is soft on skin for repeated use
  • Beautiful citric scent that is a popular choice
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Large and durable plastic container that can be refilled many times
  • An antibacterial version also available

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