M1 Cleaning Sanitiser 2l


M1 Cleaning Sanitiser give to your hard surfaces a perfect, sparkling clean.  A highly-concentrated and highly efficient product that will result in massive savings.

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M1 Cleaning Sanitiser – one two-litre bottle will deliver up to 200 spray bottles (500ml), saving money and easing the process of dispensing chemicals. Thus you will save space and massively reduce costs and plastic waste.  It is an environmentally friendly solution.

The powerful kitchen sanitizer eliminates germs quickly and effectively, with a contact time of 30 seconds.

  • For one-step cleaning and disinfection of all hard surfaces in food premises
  • Fragrance-free, non-tainting formula
  • Safe to use on food preparation surfaces
  • Kills Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA and C-Difficile
  • Conforms to BS EN: 13697

This product can be used with a pelican pump or, even better, with the smart GAMA Autodose System.

Please have look at our article related to the use of concentrates. 


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