GAMA Wall Mounted Dosing Unit


GAMA Wall Mounted Dosing Unit is a manual chemical dosing system which dispenses various volumes of concentrates into a bottle, bucket or sink. A massive saver of detergent.

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You can set up the GAMA Wall Mounted Dosing Unit to deliver any measure of concentrates between 5ml and 30ml and draw chemicals from any sized container. Controlling the amount of chemicals you dispense is a great way to reduce your wastage.

This will give you huge long-term financial savings and also help to reduce the damaging environmental effects involved with the production and transportation of these chemicals.

The cabinet (supplied) holds 2 litre bottles, which are locked away for health and safety and prevents accidental tampering. Once set up, dosing unit requires a simple twist and button press to deliver a single shot of the desired concentrated chemical. It’s easy to use and highly efficient, made up of high-grade components to give the system a long lifespan.

  • Massive Saver
  • Reduces consume: 1 bottle of concentrate detergent can fill up to 200 trigger sprays
  • Reduces space: no need to store many spray bottles
  • no need for elaborate training, extremely easy to use
  • the cabinet supplied can hold two-litre bottles and locks to prevent spillage and tampering
  • You will contribute to great reduction of plastic waste



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