Micro-Box Microfibre Cloths (50)


A practical, compact and more hygienic solution that can be used everywhere from homes and offices to commercial kitchens and hotels, from hospitals to beauty centres. From now on cleaning will be easier and you can significantly reduce waste.

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Micro-Box Microfibre Cloths (50) is a new, cost-effective and semi-disposable cloth perfectly fills the gap between disposable non-woven and reusable microfibre. Simply pull, use and reuse! The cloth is made using an innovative, edgeless technology which means instead of being sewn the edges are ultrasonic-cut and fused to prevent fraying.

A 200gsm microfibre blend of polyester and polyamide, the cloth size is 30cm x 30cm, available in four colours and a case quantity of 8×50 box.

Product features

  • Ultrafine and low-lint microfibre captures dirt from most surfaces.
  • Suitable for intense cleaning environments that do not have laundry facilities.
  • 50 cloths supplied in a handy dispenser box perfect for janitorial trolleys.
  • Minimal water required and no need for chemicals to remove bacteria.
  • Ultrasonic-cut edgeless technology prevents the cloth fraying.

We offer a high range of cleaning cloths.

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