Oven Cleaner Concentrated 5l


The Oven Cleaner Concentrated 5l is a high performance cleaning solutions for both conventional and combination ovens, grills, grids and griddles. It will remove carbonised fats and grease from most ovens and grills! It will also remove baked on deposits from cookers and ustensils. Use straight from the container or with a trigger spray!

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This Oven Cleaner Gel from Sechelles is a powerful formula which effectively cleans oily and fatty stains which can build up both inside and on top of these appliances daily. The spray bottle has got an effective trigger mechanism to release the formula evenly and reduce wastage.

Product features
Capacity 5Ltr
Dimensions 275(H) x 190(W) x 130(D)mm
Material Plastic
Finish White Bottle
Hazardous Chip Codes R34, S2, S23, S24/25, S26, S28, S36/37/39, S46, S51
Cuts through burnt on grease, fats and burnt on grime
Interior and exterior use
Thickened to cling to the surface to lift dirt
Easy to use
Also available in 1l
Box Quantity: 1 x 5Ltr
Use with pelican pump for 30ml dosing
Use with Empty Spray Bottles for custom dilutions and portable cleaning
For professional use only


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