Powder-Free Latex Gloves White – Large (100)


Powder-Free Latex Gloves White are great for providing protection from infection and for handling inorganic chemicals in safety, but also have a wide range of practical applications including food hygiene and preparation tasks.

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Powder-Free Latex Gloves White are developed in line with our economic gloves range, and come in a handy 100 pack. Renowned for being strong and allowing for greater sensitivity when performing certain tasks, they each feature an increased resistance and dexterity.

Each to put on, the powder-free design ensures that latex allergens are unable to become airborne – therefore reducing the risk of contamination. These Powder-Free Latex Gloves White are free from animal products and are vegan-friendly.

Product features

  • Highly resistant to chemical solutions
  • Powder-free design eliminates powder related contamination
  • Beaded cuffs aid application and minimize the risk of tearing
  • AQL 1.5 medical grade and conforms to BS EN455 part 1, 2 and 3
  • Non-sterile glove
  • Pack size: 100
  • Comfortable to wear

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