Exel® Prairie Mop Head 450 g (16oz) Green


Exel® Prairie Mop Head 450 g (16oz) Green are Kentucky style mops with Excel fitting attached. They are excellent on large surfaces.

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Exel® Prairie Mop Head 450 g (16oz) Green have the Excel Fitting attached to avoid user contact with the soiled mop when changing heads,

It is made from cotton and delivers outstanding results.

The prairie fitting accommodates most standard broom and socket mop handles, saving you the cost of stocking separate Kentucky handles as well.

Main benefits 

  • Cost saving and easy to use
  • Made of cotton.
  • 450g
  • Delivers excellent results on large surfaces
  • Suitable for wood, laminate or other smooth floor surfaces.
  • Time-saving.

For optimal results, you may use this mop with a large Kentucky Bucket. 


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