Pro Turner 101.5 cm


Pro Turner 101.5 cm have The long handle which keeps hands away from hot surfaces at all times to ensure your safety. The handle is also hooked to allow for convenient storage and easy access during busy services.

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Pro Turner 101.5 cm designed with a perforated head, the serving spoon drains vegetables and boiled ingredients quickly and easily, ensuring your customers receive perfectly prepared dishes every time. A convenient notch on the handle allows the utensil to rest on the rim of a bowl or tray, preventing it from slipping in the food or onto the floor

Product features

      • High quality Stainless Steel
      • Mirror Polished Finish
      • Resistance to staining and corrosion
      • Perfect for serving straining small foods or skimming the foam off soups and stocks
      • Smooth perforated design
      • Easy-grip handle
      • Lightweight
      • Easy to clean
      • Dishwasher Safe
      • Durable

      Length – 101.5cm / 40inch

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