Rocks Tumbler Glasses – 360ml – Pack of 6


Rocks Tumbler Glasses bring contemporary design and innovative styling to your drinking glassware. They are durable and stackable for an easy use.

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Rocks Tumbler Glasses feature a ridged multi-faceted shape that promotes stability and balance – secure in the hand and less likely to roll off a surface if knocked over. The generous 360ml capacity creates an ideal vessel for serving a variety of vibrant highball cocktails, while also opening the usage of these glasses up to bottled beers, soft drinks and juices.

Rocks Tumbler Glasses are dishwasher safe, for hassle-free cleaning.

Whether shopping for business or pleasure, when it comes to products that effortlessly straddle the gap between fashion and function.

Features and Benefits:

Pack of 6 Glasses – Your complete dining table set up!

Classic Design – Ridged “faceted” shape promotes stability and balance by aiding grip and reducing the risk of rolling

Dishwasher Safe – For hassle-free cleaning

Perfect for any long drink 

Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 360ml
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Height: 148mm

We offer a wide range of tumblers and highball glasses. 


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