Rose Champagne Flutes 190 ml – Pack of 6


Rose Champagne Flutes are strikingly beautiful and invite to romance and elegance.  They have a design that will be remarked and invites to the celebration! 

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Rose Champagne Flutes add class and style to your drinks serving. The subtle curves of this chalice provide a sense of true vintage elegance, with a silhouette that inspires images of beautiful roses. The wide, open rim allows maximum contact between your wine and the air, resulting in a more refined flavour and a more intense aromatic bouquet with every sip.
Rose Champagne Flutes are dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning.
Product features
• Pack of 6 Glasses – Your complete dining table set up!
• Vintage Styling – Chalice silhouette evokes images of roses and botanical gardens
• Dishwasher Safe – For hassle-free cleaning
Product Specifications:
• Capacity: 190ml
• Diameter: 68mm
• Height: 225mm
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