Star SP700 Cartridge Ribbon


The Star SP-700 Cartridge Ribbon is an easy-to-install high quality printer ribbon that allows for maximum printer head life. The ink is designed to lubricate the print head ensuring best performance possible and providing maximum output. The Star ribbon has a clutching mechanism to prevent ribbon jams or failures. All Star ribbons and cartridges are top-quality and individually wrapped to maintain long shelf life. This ribbon is one of our most commonly ordered items and is in stock for immediate delivery.

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Products features
Star SP-700 Cartridge Ribbon, 6 Ribbons/Box
High Quality
Each Ribbon is individually packed
Compatible Item numbers: R-RC700-BR, R-RC700-B, RC700B, RC700BR, SP700, SP700B, SP700BR, R-386-BR, SR 61, 67255R, 37999290

This ribbon fits:
Star Micronics SP 700
Star Micronics SP 712
Star Micronics SP 712R
Star Micronics SP 742


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