Tall Pilsner Polycarbonate Glasses 385 ml Set of 12


Our Tall Pilsner Polycarbonate Glasses 385 ml are perfect for serving up a Pils! They are tall, slender shape which tapers down into a unique starburst base promotes head retention. They are made of excellent quality crystal-clear polycarbonate that shows off the clarity and golden colour of the beer.





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Constructed from polycarbonate, this piece of barware is break- and shatter-proof, impact resistant and durable enough to withstand the rigours of daily use. Combining the look of expensive glassware with the affordability of polycarbonate, this pilsner is the perfect option for restaurants, bars, pools, or outdoor dining venues. This pilsner is beautifully made and easy to maintain.

Product features

  • Material : polycarbonate (200 times stronger than glass)
  • Diameter : 70 mm
  • Height :210 mm
  • Capacity : 385 ml (13 oz)
  • Perfect for your high-volume restaurants, bars, clubs, and more
  • Scratch resistant
  • Set of 12




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