Vedrenne Almond Syrup 700ml


Vedrenne Almond Syrup has a beautiful amber colour with golden highlights. It will delight your customers with a sweet almond scent and aroma. It is ideal to flavour a wide range of desserts and it is delicious with coffee, cold or warm milk or in cocktails.

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Vedrenne Almond Syrup is an excellent choice for bars, cafes and restaurants. Orgeat is a classic French syrup, first made with barley water and almonds. Today it is made with almonds and rosewater, and it is a key ingredient in the Mai Tai cocktail. The word comes the Latin “hordeata”, which means “made with barley”. Vedrenne makes an excellent Orgeat syrup, for all your nutty needs.

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Product features

  • Capacity 700ml
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Rich nutty aroma
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Can be used for cocktails or hot drinks
  • Trusted syrup brand
  • Made in France
  • Please note: The shelf life when opened is 3 to 6 months

VEDRENNE is a world famous producer of premium syrups and liquers since 1923. Their products are rewarded with the highest number of distinctions worldwide .
Vedrenne syrups offer intense fresh flavours, obtained from special concentrations of fruit juices and natural ingredients. They are 100% pure natural sugar. They enhance the aromas of natural fruits, flowers and plants at their best.


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