VIP Ripple Cups 12 oz (500)


VIP Ripple Cups 12 oz comes as fashion hit within each sleeve in every carton. The triple-wall ripple cup provides the best heat insulation as the unique design includes a corrugated paper wrap which offers increased hand-comfort, heat insulation and premium brand presentation.

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VIP Ripple Cups 12 oz are trendy, fashionable and have high quality! They have a new extra rigid ribbing system that gives your customers great insulation from heat without the need for an additional cardboard sleeve. As well as this the compact ribs give the cup a feeling of extra strength.

Combine that with the classic two-tone brown design and when you have this cup in your hand you really feel like a VIP. Manufactured from high quality food grade paper board, they will definitely make a difference!

Product features

  • Capacity 340ml (12oz)
  • Dimensions 110(H) x 89.5(Ø)mm
  • Material Corrugated Cardboard
  • Colour Dark brown
  • Rolled lip adds strength
  • Perfect for serving medium drinks
  • The rippled wall adds insulation
  • Ideal for serving hot drinks

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