White 2ply Dinner Napkins 1/8 fold (125)


These White 2ply Dinner Napkins 1/8 fold are suitable for every occasion. Perfect for restaurants, cafes, take aways, hotels, events or at home! They are already folded to save you time and effort, an excellent solution for crowded places.

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Product features

  • Dimensions 400(H) x 400(W) x 400(D) mm
  • 2ply
  • 1/8 fold
  • Pack of 125
  • Brand : Poppies Europe
  • Material Paper
  • Produced from fully sustainable forests
  • Ideal size for dinner service
  • Cost effective solution for hotels, restaurants and mobile caterers
  • Saves time and effort on laundry costs
  • Makes clearing down easier

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