Wrapmaster 3000 Dispenser


It is safe, hygienic and dishwasher safe, and will take Wrapmaster refills up to 30cm in width.
The dispenser measures W400 x D175 x H160mm.

SKU: WM3000D
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The Wrapmaster 3000 Dispenser is perfect for professional kitchens. It offers neat and tangle free dispensing of foil or cling film. The product is easy to use, with an enclosed cutting mechanism, which grips hold of the film or foil ready for the next use.

Designed for small, busy kitchens who want all the benefits of a large professional dispensing kit; the new Wrapmaster 3000 is just 30cm wide and developed for high volume users of film, foil, as well as baking parchment.

The Wrapmaster 3000 is the latest catering dispenser to be updated as part of Cofresco Foodservice’s ongoing commitment to chefs. 17% lighter and 28% smaller than its predecessor, it is now more portable and even easier to use and reload to meet the demands of a tough kitchen environment.

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